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Или симнете ја PowerPoint презентцијата посветена на progeCAD Professional и погледнете што сè можете да направите со оваа моќна алатка...
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Актуелна верзија


Пробната верзија на progeCAD 2017 Professional, целосно функционална во период од 30 дена може да ја симнете од нашата Download секција.


Корекции во progeCAD 2013

progecad_2k13_boxПо неколку месеци активна работа со цел да се поправат грешките кои се случија во претходните верзии, progeCAD s.r.l. официјално го објави progeCAD 2013 Professional.

Ако сте имале некои проблеми со progeCAD, Ви препорачуваме да ја пробате новата верзија која носи ознака




Корекции и новости во верзијата се:

Fixed change of path of images
Updated PDF Printer to Amyuni Document Converter
Fixed COPYBASE temporary removed grips before selecting base point
Added TEXSIZEGRANULARITY to change size of texture used as drawing plane
Fixed TXTEXP crash progecad selecting all drawing
Added MINOPENGL variable to set minimal OPENGL version requirement to activate HW display system
Added some missing SHX fonts duplicating and renaming existing and updated icad.fmp
Fixed _VIEW (R option) that makes always visible UCS icon
Removed confirm question creating an existing view using command -VIEW (W option) like autocad and progecad 2011
VBA : Fixed Lock property in Layer object
Changed drag of dxf files now it uses DRAGOPEN variable to choose to open or to insert a dxf file
Fixed load of old,bad CTB files made by old version of intellicad
Fixed POLYLINE command with negative angles and using always same angle values
Fixed display of images in NWUCS
Fixed all profiles problems
Added setting to force NVIDIA GPU to work with progecad with notebook with dual GPU
Fixed copyclip and paste in word
Fixed OBject option in UCS command
Fixed etrack point acquisition with NWUCS
Fixed command "Convert to Mesh"(3DCONVERT)
Added option to -TOOLBAR command to permit to delete all toolbars
Changed PICKBOXCOLOR to 7 (white) as default
Added delete option to -TOOLBAR command
Fixed VBA method SelectByPolygon.
Fixed usage of "=" in -INSERT command
Added SETATT function in progecad.lsp
Fixed -INSERT command from menu with spaces instead of ';', path for blocks should use " to describe paths with spaces inside
Fixed redefinition of blocks only using "=" in -INSERT command
Added check on already protected scripts in LispDefender
Fixed open of dwg files version 2013 that needs recover after conversion
VBA: Fixed "New" of Point, Matrix, Vector, Points
Fixed name of printed document to allow print of PDF files
Grouped toolbar in popup menu
Fixed the bug with HATCH editing angle set
Fixed load of toolbar used also as flyout
Fixed getpoint with ortho from lisp
Fixed "inherits properties" in hatch dialog now after use it once you can change properties
Added readalisfile function (available in lisp)
Fixed ETrack with TAN points
Fixed compounded (deferred) tangent between two circles (or arcs)
Fixed print of drawings with non ANSI chars (czech) using our PDF printer
Added ICAD environment variable management to set search paths
Fixed maximum length to 256 chars of command in imagemenu button
Added /perf parameter to log cursor display time
fixed for wireframe 3D printing problem
Fixed access violation on preview.
Reenabled scrollbars
Fixed load of flyout images from a dll
Added message to ask to overwrite a file in WBLOCK dialog
Fixed set of viewport visualstyle and removed useless shadeplot
Fixed menu check of UCSICON commands
Added ".dwg" to file name in wblock dialog
Was removed error message when requested menu wasn't found. (menucmd function does not require any massage)
Fixed background color and position of entities in pasted objects in Word
Improved copyclip and paste in word
Fixed COPYCLIP and CUTCLIP to copy only selected object
Fixed crash reloading a toolbar with missing flyout
Fixed greyvar for UCSICON commands in menu
Fixed crash after selecting a command from nested flyout in another flyout
Added ConfigurePrinters command, changed a menu item, changed a string in the CONFIG dialog
Fixed esnap EXT without any other esnap
Fixed load of nested flyout
Fixed Etrack point acquisition with INT and END esnap
Fixed performance searching files in network
Changed ESNAP menu in status bar, added EXTENSION snap and fixed APPARENT
Fixed hang on WBLOCK and crash closing progecad
Fixed TXT2MTXT bug with BYBLOCK color assignment
Fixed show of application during edit of embedded OLE object in other application (office/autocad)
Fixed open of embedded object in other application (autocad/office)
The REFEDIT toolbar get hidden at the end of REFEDIT command only if it was opened by the REFEDIT command and wasn't already visible by its own
Added base.dcl to translate base tiles of dcl dialogs
Now base.dcl file is being first loaded from progeCAD root folder and if not found there - loaded from the resources
Added check on easyarch commands to avoid problems when there isn't open drawing
Fixed crash selecting a dimension in a drawing with errors
Fixed PNEW preview image overlapping with bitmaps
Fixed the context menu appearing on "More" button in MTEXT dialog
Added "VBA missing" message on BATTMAN and other vba commans
Removed default values from ddattdef dialog and restored original sentence in command line version -ATTDEF
Fixed the Bullets and Lists changes in multi text editing
Changed list of command to exclude Recovery manager file recorder
Changed network path resolver to use different api to solve problems opening files on some NAS and other operating systems
Added "Zoom Fit" button to the print preview dialog
Fixed "Select Entities" button in properties palette
Changed color to white of background color in pasted image
Fixed Recovery manager to ignore "false saves" during COPYCLIP and COPYBASE commands
Localized some strings in -IMAGEATTACH command
Fixed memory problem selecting image extension from file dialog in ATTACH command
World to paper space calculation is fixed for both linear and aligned dimensions.
Improved ESNAP perfromance in drawing with image and GRID active
Text with zero height can be created if switch text styles using toolbar
[VBA]Filtering of the entity does not work with SelectionSet.
Incorrect NEAREST snapping to arc if viewpoint is non planar and UCS is not world
Entity Properties toolbar should work regardless of PICKFIRST system variable
Can't select drawing file version in WBLOCK dialog
Cannot to switch to PSpace by double click if something is selected inside viewport
Some entities in NWUCS are not being handled properly by (trans), Fix for Chamfer, Divide, Solid.
Aligned dimension shows incorrect text for MSPACE entities in PSPACE
ICAD cannot save drawing in some formats
Moving a grip intellicad freeze
Maximal possible value of AUTOSNAP variable shouldn't be tied to default value
Fixed printing of large google earth imported images
Perpedicular snap doesn't work properly
Strange behavior when you edit a text
Fixed STYLE / EXPSTYLES - font "(not found)" error message is not true
Incorrect Nearest snapping to NWUCS mspace Spline in Layout
HATCH created with wrong elevation in NWUCS
Offset problem using esnaps
The stretch command does not allow a multiple window selection
WP selection doesn't work properly for NW view
Switching ORTHO with F8 is not working for LISP commands
The stretch command does not allow a multiple window selection
Crash during LINETYPE command
If you execute an INSERT and press RMB then RTCAN has to be returned
The stretch command does not allow a multiple window selection
Linetypes with dots loose the dots on display
"_solidedit" command. You can't use a negative angle value to rotate a face
The stretch command does not allow a multiple window selection
Some block entities are not printed correctly in attached drawing
MASSPROP command ignores UCS
^P (menu echo) used in menus will cause an extra return when the menu item is activated
ICAD LISP interpreter is slower than ACAD
During placement the INSERT command creates a temporary entity in combination with OSMODE = 512
Redefine existing block does not work properly
The stretch command does not allow a multiple window selection
Wipeout frame is now always plotted
Audit errors are reported for text style with height = 0
SDS app which creates block table record failing with SPLINE, HATCH and curved POLYLINE.
INSERT with angle 0 is not previewed and placed at angle 0
[VBA] CAD crashes when adding an XDATA in "SetXData" method.
sds_initget/sds_getpoint combination should return RTKWORD
Added missing XLIST command
The Stretch command doesn't work on HATCH
_DTEXT , left-click inserts text
-PLOT command should work also with uppercase printer name from scripts
Creating ARC TANGENT issue
The value 360 degrees for Rotation angle is accepted
Record name duplication in AutoLinetypes table is not checked in COM interface
(EntMake) of polyline inside a block fails when returning SEQUENCEEND
OSNAP lisp function returns incorrect value for NWUCS MSPACE entities in Layout
[VBA] CAD crashes when you set the text to "TextString" property.
Record name duplication in AutoLayers table is not checked in COM interface
_DTEXT , left-click inserts text
Record name duplication in AutoDimensionStyles table is not checked in COM interface
Record name duplication in AutoBlocks table is not checked in COM interface
Incorrect behavior ARC / Follow option after erasing previously created ARC
PLATFORM sysvar is not supported correctly, it returns and empty string.
Text Middle-Center Justification issue
Polar does not work fine using a rotated UCS
I just ran an audit and had 16 errors. I ran again to fix errors and the crash report appeared
Insert fails when the file path doesn't contains the extension
SAVEAS - Default Save As Format Option not honoured when FILEDIA Off
With ANGBASE=90, the rotation of the asixs is not correct
Issue during linetype typeing
Inserting Hatch problem
It is not possible to create an OdDbMaterial object via (entmake).
ICAD's window becomes unfocused after turning the current layer off through the entity properties toolbar


Корекции и новости во верзијата се:

Fixed save of position of toolbars.
Fixed a bug with 0 gap tolerance in hatch dialog.
Fixed property bar using visual styles from drawing not old visualization configurations
Fixed viewport ucsicon using ROTATE and INSERT commands
Fixed visualization of available commands in menu and toolbar customization dialog
Added "Open containing folder" command to window menu
Fixed position of UCSIcon changing viewpoint
Fixed some crashes on edit and creation commands
Fixed UCS bug with international options like _FRONT, _TOP, etc
Fixed UCS II toolbar, added new buttons
Fixed crash using snap CEN on some surfaces
Improved cursor speed when esnap is on, grid is off and at least one image is inserted
Fixed illumination factor for Easyarch windows
Fixed the bug with BYLAYER color selection in DDEDIT dialog
Fixed the bug with layer rename while creating the layer with a group active
Fixed hang after problem editing grip of a polyline
Fixed plotting window specification with ORTHO ON
Fixed perpendicular esnap with UCS different from global
Fixed POLAR with UCS not world
Added esnap menu to esnap context menu in status bar
Fixed Ortho and Polar on first point
Fixed insert image into layout
Fixed Direct Distance Entering with grips
Added use of Direct distance entering using ETrack points
Fixed printing image with setting FADE(image property)
Fixed @ operator.
Improved Paper space esnap
Fixed the bug with LAYERS dialog on creating new drawing
Fixed freeze on QDIM command
Fixed the bug with GAP TOLERANCE in BHATCH dialog. Added a variable to remember the BHATCH dialog width
Fixed the bug with a horizontal line in the ruler in the MTEXT dialog
Fixed the bug with layer rename and implemented the assignment of a layer to a selected group filter
Fixed paper space esnap and improved etrack functions
Center snap is not detected is move the cursor to the center of a circle located in a viewport
PASTESPEC to have more choices when pasting region from Excel
Some snaps are not detected if enable Nearest and Extension snaps
Only two quadrant snaps are detected for a circle in a viewport
Nearest snap glyph is not displayed if enable Nearest and Parallel snaps
Wrong snap is detected if enable parallel, intersection and tangent snaps
PEDIT -> Edit vertices, glyph does not show until mouse is moved
Fixed DIMRADIUS on TTR trimmed circle get dim text mirrored
When Autocomplete feature is enabled – it may cause to impossibility to choose the drawing in file dialog
LIST should display the material if it is not By layer
unable to define a circle specifing its radius (inches value)
Entities doesn't appear after undo of hide layer using Explorer
MASSPROPIncorrect "Bounding Box" field's value after saving
VPLAYER to support wildcards in layer names
-Layer does not print a message when trying to freeze the current
Fixed creation of an OdDbMaterial object via (entmake)
Fixed crash in ESNAP on polyline during ROTATE and view rotating with CTRL+Mouse
LISP – Not equal [ /= ] does not work properly in case of lists
Graphic disappears if run 3DORBIT and grab left/right circle on the rotation sphere
Fixed Crash during print
Fixed MTEXT tabulation in MTEXT editor
COPY command with enabled ortho creates wrong entity
STYLE command can lead to deadlock and data loss on Escaping
ATTEXT – Cannot extract attribute data from a dwg.
With esnap extension can't acquire etrack point using Mid
Pressing ESC on INSERT command ads returned code is RTNORM not RTCAN
Redefine existing block does not work properly
The TAG of attributes and AttDefs are not created in Uppercase
LISP (entget) doesn't extract XDATA for entities in attached drawing
Changing the background color is not updated all open drawings